Congratulations on beginning your spiritual healing journey! I know the road of self-discovery and healing has been quite the experience thus far. So you may be looking for resources and guidance to help you along the way.
Sometimes the weight of heightened awareness gets too heavy to bear on your own, and you need support from an expert to help you navigate this new experience. 
One common resource enlightened newbies tend to search for at the beginning of their spiritual awakening is energy healers. Many ancient alternative healing modalities out there specialize in clearing out old stagnant energies so you can openly embrace what is new. 
But one healing modality has gone mainstream as of late because of how accessible it is. 
Reiki practitioners have been on the rise, especially since the pandemic, because you can receive this energy healing virtually anywhere in the world. Yes, virtual reiki healing is a thing, and the term for it is distance reiki.
But before you begin your search for a reiki practitioner, there are things you should consider while looking for an energy healer. Let us get into how to find the right reiki practitioner for you.

Location, Location, Location
Whether you receive reiki in person or online, you should consider the location of a practitioner. The location of your practitioner will influence factors like appointment times, travel time, and cultural competency. 
So a practitioner may have rave reviews, but their location could affect your level of service. Scheduling conflicts can occur when booking with a practitioner at a distance. And if either you or the practitioner is running behind schedule on appointment day, you may have to reschedule your appointment for a later date.
Also, consider that practitioners in different time zones or hemispheres may not fully resonate with your healing journey because of cultural differences. Cultures in the East tend to raise their children on spiritual principles, but in the West, we come to spirituality later in life.
So, it helps to find a reiki practitioner that is familiar with or can identify with your cultural background.  

Value Systems
It is affirming to have a reiki practitioner with the same cultural background as you. But make sure that your values align with those of your practitioner. 
Consider if the practitioner solely focuses on energy healing or do they also incorporate mysticism and occult sciences
Understanding a practitioner's healing style helps you avoid awkward situations that could deter you from energy healing altogether. If you are religious, look for a practitioner with the same religious affiliation or background. 
And, yes, religious energy healers do exist. I believe religion was born out of spirituality, so the two are intertwined.

How to find the perfect practitioner
Some people get discouraged on their spiritual healing journey because they have issues finding resources relevant to their personal experiences. But do not be afraid to ask for directions. 
There may be different types of energy healers, but we are all here to help. 
If you need someone to point you in the right direction, drop us a line at We would love to assist you, and you can see if our healing services at Militant Universe are a match for you.

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