Militant Universe is a wellness, leisure, and creative hub offering restorative resources, healing services, and community offerings to further the collective along their respective self-discovery journeys.
This concept originated from the need for liberation from antiquated systems and suffocating environments. However, the initiative quickly evolved to include practical and direct services addressing the inconveniences of rediscovering your true self and community.​​​​​​​
To aid you in your self-discovery journey we offer:
Sliding Scale Distance Reiki
Life Coaching (Self Mastery) packages
Empathetic Listening
Divination Services (Tarot/Oracle readings)
Informative resources and reflection pieces centered on restoration and mindfulness (III.S.E. MGMT)

To aid you in finding your true community, we offer:
Wellness Bazaars
Play Day Retreats (Black Recess)
Community Discussions centered on the Black lived experience (Detention Cypher)
Militant Universe also runs a Creative Placekeeping consultancy that helps community groups/grassroots organizations creatively organize around a chosen cause.
The consultancy offers volunteer management, grant and RFP guidance, and community engagement training for leaders and decision-makers.​​​​​​​
Contact us at for more information.
Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment
Community Activation
Community Activation
Black Recess Vol. 2 Cohort
Black Recess Vol. 2 Cohort
Asea Thompson (aka Militant Unicorn) is a creator, healer, and community activist who uses the power of introspection as a catalyst for change. Asea is an esteemed scholar with a BA in Interior Design from Valdosta State University and a Master's in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University. The objective for Asea has been to improve the general welfare of the average person through high-quality and intentional design.
Asea realized during her undergraduate studies that she had an immense interest in the atmosphere and livability of the built urban environment. This epiphany led her to graduate school where she took an interest in Historic Preservation and Creative Placemaking because these planning methods help create stable, safe, and healthy living environments for vulnerable populations.​​​​​​​
However, Asea quickly realized that the trauma caused by blighted and gutted communities needed remediation before deploying any planning strategies. So, Asea switched her focus to more holistic and participatory approaches, and as a consequence, it pushed her to become actively involved in her community through advocacy work and volunteerism.
Asea went on to create Militant Universe, an initiative centered on intentional safe spaces for folx of the African diaspora. And in 2020, Asea was certified as a Reiki II Practitioner with hopes of passively transforming communities by assisting individuals on their transformational journeys.
This community was started by black people for black people. Within this community, there are culturally competent resources to aid melanated beings on their healing journey back to self. Asea realized her ability to transform spaces and places for the highest good of all inhabitants, and she will continue to uplift and support Black places and spaces for generations to come.
Featured on "Meet The Elite" Podcast
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