Illnesses develop in the energetic body before emerging in the physical body. 
Many societal elements influence your energy and vitality. Your health and emotional well-being greatly benefit from stable and loving environments. 
Conversely, volatile surroundings and traumatic experiences will make you ill.
You can get medical treatment for physical symptoms of fatigue and stress. But treating the energetic body reduces the need for medications. 
Consider reiki therapy as an option for addressing health issues. Read on to learn about reiki energy healing and its benefits.

What is Reiki Energy Healing?
The body has seven main energy centers called chakras. Each chakra is responsible for delivering energy to various organs. 
Your energy centers become dense after going through distressing circumstances. Energetic blockages stop the flow of energy through the body. 
Reiki is an ancient practice that uses light-coded energy to unblock your energy centers.
The healing practice is most associated with Eastern medicine. Japanese practitioners created a uniform system for reiki. This system makes it easy to train future healers.

Benefits of Reiki Energy Healing 
Energy blockages cause you to feel numb and emotionless. You may cope with negative feelings by searching for pleasures outside yourself. 
It is very uncomfortable to be in a constant state of sadness, so self-soothing is warranted. But overindulgence can lead to issues like an eating disorder.
Reiki clears out lower energies, so the cloud gets lifted from your head. With clarity, you can make better choices to improve your emotional health. You may suddenly realize how to bring balance into your life. 
Reiki also helps you release pinned-up emotions so you can lighten your load. You will free up space to focus on things that bring you true happiness and fulfillment.
Reiki Therapy Session
An in-person reiki session is similar to a massage appointment. But you lay face up on the table and remain fully clothed. 
The Reiki practitioner uses hovers or lays their hands over your energy centers. These hand placements send healing energy to the parts of your body that need it most. 
During a distance reiki session, you will set up a comfortable space for yourself. The practitioner sends you healing using a quantum distance symbol
The energy is relaxing, but the effects of reiki stick with you after the session.  Expect to have lucid dreams, synchronicities, and sleepiness. 

In Addition to Reiki Therapy
Reiki is a great way to start emotional healing. But once certain emotions come to the surface, seek some professional guidance.
A wellness coach can help you get to the root of your issues. They give steps to manage negative emotions to help you avoid old patterns.
Life coaching and reiki will bring clarity and peace to your life.

Reiki Energy Healing 
The benefits of reiki affect every area of your life. Reiki energy healing helps you break free from toxic patterns.
For more information on what reiki is, contact for a free discovery call.

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