If you have recently embarked on your spiritual healing journey, you might have noticed the wealth of resources regarding energy healing. But what is the deal with energy healing, and why is it so important?
There are logical and scientific explanations for why energy healing greatly benefits humans. 
When thinking about physics, particularly kinetic energy, we understand that energy in motion stays in motion. In this case, energy is transferred from one point to another through overt force to set an object in motion. 
But where does that energy go once the object stops moving? This energy gets imprinted on the particles and molecules surrounding the resting object as potential energy.
Our bodies are composed of molecules like nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen, to name a few. And these molecules arrange themselves based on the potential energy they receive via energetic points on our body called meridians. 
Meridians mimic your circulatory system but send energy to your vital organs instead of blood.
But you do not have to be a scientist to understand the importance of energy healing. Let us discuss energy healing in simple terms and go over examples of practical applications.

Energy Influencers
The quality of energy flowing through you will determine the quality of your molecular and physical body.
So what can influence your energy? Your thoughts, deeds, speech, and anything that can elicit a reaction or emotion from you affect your energy levels. 
For example, negative self-talk decreases your serotonin levels and lowers your enthusiasm for the things you love. Or being in a stressful situation can put your body in a constant state of fright or flight and cause heart health issues.
And if you expose yourself to negative influences over an extended period, you may find it hard to snap out of harmful emotional patterns and cycles.
Emotions like sadness and grief can get stuck and cause blockages in our energy field. And ultimately leads to a decrease in vitality and hinders your quality of life.
Since we come in contact with many different energies daily, our metaphysical bodies become clogged with energetic waste. So you can see why you may feel disoriented or delirium after being in huge crowds. 
A balanced energy field leads to a stable mood, increased vitality, and good health. So regularly clearing your energy is a practice you should add to your self-care toolkit.

Energy Healing Clearing Practices 
Clearing your energy is not an elaborate task, and you do not need expert guidance to get it done. The hardest part about this self-care practice is finding the time to do it.
So carve out at least one hour per week to energetically reset. The more you commit to energy clearing, the better you will feel.
The best way to witness the power of words and intentions is through speaking to your plants. Get two plants and speak positive words to one plant and then speak negative ones to the other plant. You will visibly see the difference between the two plants over time. 
The plant that received positivity will thrive, and the one that received negativity will deteriorate.
The human body is affected similarly by words and thoughts. So it helps to listen to, speak, and think high vibrational thoughts to refuel your energy.
Practicing positive affirmations keeps a steady flow of good quality energy flowing through your meridians. State ‘I am’ affirmations like ‘I am courageous’ or ‘I am beautiful’. 
Saying ‘I am’ statements directs the positive energy towards your solar plexus. This chakra is the energy center for your self-image and identity.
Listening to motivational speakers and soulful sounds also promotes a healthy energy field. You can listen to binaural beats and sound frequencies specifically made for clearing and recalibrating your energy.
If possible, steer clear of gossip and negative Nancy's too. Remember that you are the company you keep, so do not waste your good energy on the wrong crowd.

Dopamine Detox
Another thing you should steer away from is mindless tasks that yield instant gratification. The dopamine hits you get from quick results can become addictive. It is a high that will satisfy you temporarily, but it is not sustainable.
And with all addictions, you will find yourself constantly chasing that dopamine high. You begin to lose the attention span and will to work towards longer-term goals. And your energetic body becomes depleted because you are not accessing sustainable energy.
Consider weaning yourself off instant dopamine hits like aimlessly scrolling online or binge-watching TV. 
Engaging in activities that require your attention for more than thirty minutes is a great way to build and maintain your energy reserves. Reading, exercising, and creating art are great ways to sustain your energy.

Connecting with nature has phenomenal benefits for the body. And since mother nature has regenerative qualities, you will always receive invigorating energy while outside.
An easy way to connect with nature is through grounding. Take your shoes off when you visit the park or beach to connect with the earth.
When you sit next to or hug a tree, you get access to nurturing motherly energy. And because trees are some of the oldest plants in nature, they hold the purest and most nourishing energies.
Our bodies are good at restoring themselves from setbacks when given the proper care. But in certain instances, we may need the help of a professional when we find it hard to recover.
Energy healing practitioners exist to help clear your energy and increase your vitality. And you get to choose from a host of energy healing modalities depending on your preference. 
Consider doing extensive research before selecting an energy healing practitioner. 
The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable with your energy healer because you will feel defensive and be unable to receive the healing. And when you feel nervous or uneasy in a situation, your energy centers will shut down as a protective response. 

What is energy healing, and why is it important?
Energy healing has been around for ages. But like most things, if you have never encountered it before, how would you know it existed?
So take your time while exploring the realm of energy healing because there is plenty to learn. 
And we at Militant Universe would love to be a resource for you. Feel free to send us any questions you may have about energy healing to mgmt@millitantunivese.com. And we are also open to sharing information about our energy healing services.

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